Support Local. Stay Safe.

Downtown Nelson, BC in the Fall.

Here in Nelson and our neighbouring communities, small business is big business.

It’s never been more important to think local first — for your family, friends and fellow residents. For us all.

Nelson’s small business community is the heart of our local economy. And this winter, that community needs your help. More than ever.

From Baker Street to the backcountry, our beautiful little city in the mountains teems with entrepreneurial spirit. Nelson has 1,300 license businesses. That’s 20 percent more than communities of similar size. Its what makes Nelson and area the best place to Live-Shop-Dine and Play.

But these are very difficult times for many of our mainstream merchants in many sectors including tourism, culture, hospitality and retail. Along with the increasing threat of out of market on-line shopping that benefits big corporations and out-of-country retailers, the global pandemic poses an unprecedented challenge to the existence of stores and service providers — businesses that employ you, your families, friends and neighbours.

They generate vital taxation that pays for services Nelson and area residents need and expect. These businesses are often the first in line with a donation to your favourite non-profit or charity.

So please. Support them. Shop local.

And just as importantly— follow the health protocols that will help halt the spread of COVID 19, so that we can return to better days. Keep the heart of Nelson’s economy alive, and well.

Stay safe.

Hear from Local Businesses

Whitewater Ski Resort

It’s all about keeping our community safe. If we all follow provincial COVID-19 health orders we’ll keep our community healthy and our businesses open. Businesses are the community’s heart and soul. From the business owners that pour their sweat and tears into keeping their doors open, to the employees they pay, these businesses are the lifeline that makes Nelson and area so special. Think of a downtown core with closed doors and no vibrancy. That’s why we all need to shop local.

Indoor Operations Manager, Whitewater Ski Resort

Valhalla Pure Nelson

“It’s a good habit to shop locally, even online if the business is local. Once you shop online outside of Nelson they will do everything to get you back, and they will do nothing for your community. Please shop locally and strengthen our community. You are all we have! Also, keep us all safe by following COVID protocol — protect yourself, and our staff — they’re family, friends and neighbours.”

Owner, Valhalla Pure Nelson

Vince DeVito Shoes

Shopping locally is more important than ever before. We are working to keep you and ourselves safe. Please be patient with merchants and fellow customers as we are doing the best we can to serve you. Happy shopping!

Shoe Repair Technician, Vince DeVito Shoes

Hume Hotel Spa

Nelson’s vibrant downtown core is one of the many things that make it a special place. Now more than ever, keeping dollars spent locally will greatly assist in helping to keep the lights on for many businesses. Let’s protect one another and continue to flatten the curve by respecting COVID protocols. Personal lives and the economic viability of local business depend on it.

Martin Hospitality Group

Mallards Source for Sports

Shopping local is important during these uncertain times as it keeps our economy strong and together. The Kootenays are built on locally owned stores and not nationally owned business, together we will win.

Mallards Source for Sports

Nelson Brewing Company

Local businesses are counting on the support of our community this winter to help sustain our local economy. By safely supporting local businesses, you ensure that more of the money you spend stays local, which has a domino effect and positively impacts everyone. Being respectful of the rules when shopping will allow the economy to stay open and even thrive. Be kind to the workers doing their best to earn a living while keeping everyone safe.

Nelson Brewing Company

Nelson District Credit Union

It’s important to support local businesses during this time (and at any time, really) because they employ local people and buy supplies locally, which in turn supports other businesses and employment – money that is spent outside this community leaves forever. While you are spending your dollars locally, you need to follow each businesses safety protocols – if the employees in the store become sick, it’s likely the business will have to close which defeats the purpose of spending locally.

– TOM MURRAY Chief Executive Officer
Nelson & District Credit Union

Snowpack Outdoor Expereinces

We at Snowpack have enjoyed being in the community for many years, and always appreciate being able to help people find what they need to enjoy the outdoors. What makes Nelson unique and strong are the many locally owned shops giving the community a variety of choices and a vibrant downtown. We’ve all adapted to the restrictions of the pandemic and appreciate the flexibility and understanding of our customers to help us all create a safe local shopping experience.

Co-owner, Snowpack

Capitol Theatre

Local businesses and arts and culture nonprofits are the heartbeat of Nelson. Buying local will ensure that all of us will continue to live in a vibrant community with a strong downtown we all love and enjoy. The pandemic affects everyone and we must ensure that we keep each other healthy. Wearing a facemask is easy to do and reduces the risks of spreading the virus – and that’s a fabulous thing!

Executive Director, Capitol Theatre

Kootenay Co-Op Radio

As part of the heartbeat of this community, we want it to thrive. We want sweaty dance floors and packed local businesses to come back – and we want to be part of the solution that makes that happen. In the meantime, the best things we can do are to make sure that our neighbours feel safe and supported and that we keep our dollars local, wherever possible.

Operations and programming, Kootenay Co-op Radio

Kid Sport

Since 2006, local businesses and business-people have fundraised and donated their time, on behalf of KidSport Nelson, which supports local youth unable to play sports due to cost. When people shop locally, some of those profits — and some of the time of those who own businesses or are employed by them — are shared around town with non-profit organizations like ours and other important groups that help those who need a hand. If locals help businesses, they help us, and we, in turn, help locals.

Kid Sport, Executive Director

The Sacred Ride

Having served Nelson for over 25 years, we here at The Sacred Ride want noting more than to see familiar faces in the lift line and lodge, buddies burning up single track and a shop full of smiling staff and customers. Its so important to follow health protocol so we can get back to normal. And just as important to support our shop, our competitors and our community by spending locally. Keep us all in business. And get us back to healthy, happy times in the hills.

Owners, The Sacred Ride


Spearhead is proud to be part of this thriving community. For Nelson to continue to prosper, it is essential to support local businesses and each other. We take the health of our employees and community very seriously – which means following the current PHO mandate of wearing masks and keeping our distance.

Business Development, Spearhead

Touchstones Nelson Museum of Art & History

The arts, culture and heritage sector is a vital contributor to the fabric of Nel-son, its economic resiliency and the essential beauty, joy and growth of our lives. In these challenging times, Touchstones Nelson Museum continues to grow the region’s historical archives, which are crucial to understanding our past, present and future. Adherence to health and safety protocols is para-mount to local artists — and arts, culture and heritage organizations. Please support their work and performances any way you can. And please stay safe.

Executive Director, Touchstones Nelson Museum of Art & History

Kalesnikoff Lumber

It’s been a challenging year for everyone, but also an important reminder that we’re all interconnected as a community. If we all physically distance, wear a mask when required or requested, and buy local, we can stay healthy, support each other through this — and come out even stronger, together.

CEO & President, Kalesnikoff Lumber

Kootenay Lake Hospital Foundation

This year, Kootenay Lake Hospital Foundation encourages you to shop and donate locally.  Keeping our hospital equipped with state of the art medical equipment helps to enhance services so our amazing medical staff can provide the best possible care for you and your loved ones.  And please, remember to wear your masks and follow the guidelines so we can all get back to normal.

Director, Kootenay Lake Hospital Foundation

Main Jet Motorsports

To everyone who has been shopping local and supporting all the businesses in town, we here at Main Jet Motorsports thank you, sincerely. We sure appreciate all the customers, suppliers and staff who’ve followed safety protocol during these challenging times. Please continue to do so through the new year, in shops and the outdoors. Stay safe — we’ll get through this all together.

General Manager, Main Jet Motorsports