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Nelson is the most enchanting and extraordinary city in BC. As brazen as that may sound, it is no exaggeration.

Tucked into lush Selkirk Mountains, is the soulful community of Nelson, British Columbia. There is plenty of tranquility here, and loads of action too. Whether you’re here for relaxation or adventure, be revitalized. Some come for a visit and never leave; such is the power of this extraordinary town. Those who do leave, leave inspired.

Nelson is so extraordinary because it compromises nothing – we really have it all. This city is more than the sum of its individual attractions, though they themselves are quite impressive. The rolling Selkirk Mountains set against the West Arm of the Kootenay Lake offer scenery that defies comparison. Thanks to the mild climate here, you can ski without freezing in the winter and fish without scorching in the summer. This makes Nelson a paradise for outdoor sports enthusiasts. The award winning terrain and abundant snow make for amazing skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling and snow-shoeing in the winter. As the snow melts away in the Spring, the landscape becomes a mecca for golfing, hiking, whitewater rafting, fishing, climbing, mountain biking and bird watching.

There are over three hundred and fifty designated residential and commercial heritage buildings in Nelson that capture Victorian aesthetic. Baker Street, the heart of the downtown core, is alive with the spirit that has slipped away from so many Canadian cities. It will awaken anyone’s sense of nostalgia. People make a point of supporting the local economy in Nelson, which ensures the blooming of unique businesses here. You won’t get bored shopping in the many one of a kind- businesses. Nelson takes the sophisticated approach of integrating art into the community. Nearly every restaurant and public center doubles as a gallery. Nelson’s live entertainment venues host first-rate performances year round which, combined with the selection of fine restaurants, brings the advantages of big city cultural night life with the added benefit of accessibility. Well attended events and festivals punctuate the year in Nelson, so make sure to check the calendar of events. Come soothe your soul and energize your spirit.