Sustainability Spotlight: Nelson & District Chamber of Commerce Sustainability Survey

Throughout the summer, the Nelson & District Chamber of Commerce circulated a Sustainability Survey amongst our members to get some insights on how businesses are approaching climate change here in Nelson & Area. Here are our findings.

Who Answered the Call?

We received responses from the following industries: Education, Construction, Accommodation, Retail, and Recreation.

Are Businesses Concerned About Climate Change?

87.5% of respondents say climate change is impacting or will impact their business operations, with the most common concern being unpredictable weather patterns and their impacts on operations, buildings, and supply chains.

How Are Nelson & Area Businesses Taking Action?

Some examples of how businesses are taking action and building climate resilience into their operations are:

  • utilizing Kootenay Car Share;
  • purchasing local organic food products;
  • designing homes with near-net zero energy use;
  • taking advantage of energy efficiency retrofit rebate programs;
  • reducing new purchases in favour of re-using what already exists;
  • recycling;
  • attending workshops and training;
  • and working towards sustainable accreditations, among others!

What Are The Common Barriers to Action in Nelson & Area?

Some of the biggest challenges that businesses are faced with when implementing or expanding climate initiatives in Nelson & Area are:

  • the lack of recycling options for the ICI sector;
  • lack of knowledge of the most cost-effective actions;
  • data collection and reporting on sustainability metrics is onerous;
  • lack of reliable and timely public transport options between communities;
  • and the high costs associated with installing more energy-efficient/green technologies.

We Asked How We Could Support You And This Is What You Said

Respondents say that the best way the Nelson & District Chamber of Commerce could support businesses to increase their climate resiliency is by coordinating collaborative action and giving advice on best practices.

If you have any specific initiatives in mind (collaborative or not) or are in need of some advice regarding cost-effective and impactful action, please reach out!