Backroads Brewing & Local Farmers Pair-Up to Create Example of Circular Economy Here in Nelson

Backroads Brewing Co

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The spent grains from brewing the beer we all know and love are donated to local farmers in the area, who come straight to the brewery to pick them up and use the grains as animal feed or to build up their soils.

Backroads Brewing typically brews 2 – 3 days per week and the organic waste from each brew fills up about 6 seventy-litre buckets. That means there’s around 420 litres of spent grains after each brew day and on the low end about 840 litres a week.

In fact, to date Backroads has produced 750 batches of beer, generating 315,000 litres of organic waste, all of which has been diverted from landfills

Not only does this arrangement help mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, but with the costs associated with hauling and disposing of organic waste, and the rising costs of animal feed, both Backroads Brewing and the farmers benefit from this cooperation.

Congratulations Backroads Brewing on your 750th batch of beer!

How can you incorporate aspects of circular economy in your business?

Not sure where to start? Contact the Business & Climate Advisor at the Nelson & District Chamber of Commerce.