Chamber Week 2023

The real live benefits of Chamber membership

“What the heck does a Chamber of Commerce do exactly?”

It’s a common question.

“We’re business buddies,” explains Nelson and District Chamber Executive Director Tom Thomson. “Business buddies with benefits.”

We’re talking real live benefits.

“The kind that keep you and your staff healthy and happy, attract and retain employees and save you on monthly business expenses,” Thomson adds. “There’s even savings to be had when you’re on vacation, and when you retire too.”

The Chamber is here to advocate on behalf of your business, your sector and our local economy. We’re your voice when it comes time to speak to our community, your customers and all levels of government.

But there’s more.

If you’re a Chamber member, you, your family and staff access one of the nation’s strongest employee benefits programs, relied on by 25,000 Canadian firms.

“Because of the number of Chamber members throughout the country that take advantage of the package, which is locally administered, your premiums are far less likely to rise than other benefit offerings,” Thomson explains.

The package also includes RRSP plans with policies for retiring owners and staff too.

Ask around town. Chamber members old and new have some swell things to say.

“Our family’s businesses signed up with the Chamber even before we opened Bia Bora,” says owner Orang Momtazian.

“We’ve been members for more than 20 years. The benefit plan has provided extended health and dental coverage for our families, and it’s been great to be able to offer those same benefits to our staff.”

Jenn Beare and Pete Leschuk, owners of the Kootenay Crate Company, relocated to Nelson from Calgary a few years ago, before the pandemic.

“The Chamber has helped us connect to our community,” says Leschuk, “offered invaluable promotion of our small business, and shown a sincere concern for our well-being.”

Got a question about insurance, legal matters, HR, training, e-commerce upgrades, expansion or succession planning and professional advice of all sorts? Your Chamber benefit package puts you in touch with business experts in key fields. BC Chamber of Commerce members join a powerful network of 36,000 businesses.

Once you sign up —for just $15 a month — your business is included in one of Western Canada’s most well established, inclusive Chambers, its high-traffic business directory, and the well-recognized Discover Nelson brand.

Annnnnd, it’s a great time! Members are always invited to attend and host monthly Business After Business beer, wine n’ appy shindigs, network, and show support for the thriving business community of one of North America’s greatest mountain towns.

So. That’s what we do.

Thanks of asking!