It’s time to renew your 2022 Membership

As we head into a new year, the Nelson and District Chamber of Commerce knows — your business expenses add up. 

But the Chamber’s 500-plus members save on those. You can too. Are you a member? Be one!

For only $15 a month, the Chamber can help you reduce spending on must-haves like health benefits, fuel, insurance, training, e-commerce upgrades, expansion planning and professional advice.

And there’s more. The Chamber and its local board of business leaders are your voice when it comes time to speak to our community, your customers and all levels of government. We are always advocating on behalf of your business, your sector and our economy.

Here’s to 2022. Let the Chamber of Commerce help you get back to business.

Perks of Chamber Membership

  1. Access to Chamber group benefits — affordable health and dental plans for you and your employees
  2. Discounts on fuel, long distance phone plans, hotel/motel stays and vehicle rentals 
  3. Chamber Membership ensures your business information will be included on the new website directory — raising your business’s profile. (The Discover Nelson brand has been around for over 20 years, and has great on-line traction!) 
  4. Opportunities for your business to host our always popular (and fun!) Business After Business networking events
  5. Chamber advocacy on your issues of concern, to all levels of government — especially local and regional, the levels that BC business owners say has the most impact on their stores and services
  6. Help with economic development partnerships
  7. Consumer studies always show that businesses that belong to their local Chamber of Commerce are held in good regard by customers. Membership is synonymous with professionalism, quality and customer service.
  8. A Chamber membership is just $185/year

The benefits of being business buddies.

The Chamber has been a great support system for our small business over the years! I love the way it brings local business owners together to grow our community and economy. Plus, the group benefit plan is affordable and easy to navigate.

We’ve been Chamber of Commerce members for over 60 years, and have been well-served by the Chamber’s benefit package for many years too. It’s a great package, and is very easy to use, if you have any questions at all, because it’s administered locally.

Our family’s businesses signed up with the Chamber even before we opened Bia Bora. We’ve been members for more than 20 years. The benefit plan has provided extended health and dental coverage for our families, and it’s been great to be able to offer those same benefits to our staff.
The Chamber has also been very active in town through the pandemic, when there was a lot of confusion over emergency programs. They did some of that ground work for us. They’ve got their finger on the pulse of the business community, it’s good that they’re there.

We at Kootenay Crate Co. have found our membership with the Nelson Chamber of Commerce incredibly valuable, prior to, and during the pandemic. The supportive elements of the Chamber include connection to our business community, invaluable promotion of our small business through print and social media, and a sincere care and concern for our personal and professional well-being during the pandemic right from the start. Thank you for this opportunity to express our gratitude for our Chamber’s efforts during this especially challenging time. We look forward to the future as we begin to reconnect in person!

The Chamber works hard for the small businesses in our community and takes the extra time to personally check-in with each of their members.
My favourite part of being a Chamber member is going to (or hosting!) the monthly ‘Business After Business’ event — they’re really fun and provide a great opportunity to learn about other business in town and connect with their owners!

We like to support the community anyway we can. And for a very small business, the Chamber’s benefits package is a really good program. Being a part of the Chamber’s business directory is nice too!

Like the Chamber, Spearhead is engaged with the region’s small business community. We work with partners in local industry, building supplies, contractors and other Chamber members. They and Sutherland Associates Financial Services run a tight ship, and that’s why we’ve worked with them for years. We’ve always been very happy with their support and their services.

The Martin Hospitality Group is a member of the Chamber of Commerce because it’s our community’s voice for business. it has supported us in a multitude of ways. Advocating for the needs of businesses, especially in the past few years through the pandemic, has been paramount. The Chamber also puts on fantastic networking events such as Business After Business and the Gala Auction which are a lot of fun to attend.