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Mission Statement

The Nelson & District Chamber of Commerce Encourages and Supports...
  • Expanded and diversified small business and tourism sectors
  • Development which recognizes the heritage and environmental values of our Community
  • Artistic, cultural and educational activities in our community
  • The resource sector as an important part of our local economy
Mandate of the Nelson & District Chamber of Commerce

The principal object of the Chamber of Commerce are the promotion economic activity to the benefit of all residents of the Nelson region. This encompasses economic activity within the region, and between the Nelson region and elsewhere in the world. It includes but is not limited to:
  1. Being the advocate for and leader of business
  2. Providing relevant information and sources of information to its Members
  3. Working with other complementary organizations to promote economic activity beneficial to the region
  4. Encouraging a high standard of integrity

Relationship of the Chamber with the...

Nelson Visitor Information Centre

The Nelson Visitor Information Centre is housed and managed by the Chamber of Commerce under a written contract with the City of Nelson. The contract outlines the hours of operation, the staffing levels, and how the centre will be administrated. Tourism British Columbia dictates the standards of service that must be adhered to in the operation of the VIC.

Nelson & Area Economic Development Corporation

The Nelson & Area Economic Development Corporation is a tenant in the Chamber building. Although it rents space from the Chamber and the two offices often collaborate and co-operate on projects, the NAEDC has no other contractual relationship with the Chamber of Commerce.

Glenn Sutherland & Associates

Mr. Sutherland is the agent for the Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance and as such there is a close working relationship between his office and the Chamber.

British Columbia Chamber of Commerce

The Nelson & District Chamber of Commerce is a member in good standing in the British Columbia Chamber of Commerce. The BC Chamber is a provincial organization drawing its membership from the Chambers of Commerce and the larger corporations from across the province. A number of the member benefits, such as Chambertel, MasterCard, Visa, Shell and Mohawk discounts etc., that the Nelson & District Chamber of Commerce members enjoy, flow through from our membership in the BC Chamber.

Just as the Nelson & District Chamber of Commerce lobbies local government on behalf of the members, the BC Chamber lobbies the provincial government on behalf its members.

Canadian Chamber of Commerce

The Nelson & District Chamber of Commerce is a member in good standing in the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. The Canadian Chamber of Commerce, located in Ottawa, draws its membership from Chambers and large corporations from across Canada.

The Canadian Chamber lobbies the Canadian government on behalf of the members. It also offers some member programs such as Carnet - ‘merchandise passports’ that simplify customs procedures for people carrying products or equipment outside Canada temporarily.

Governance of the Chamber
  • The Chamber is governed in accordance with the terms and conditions outlined in its Constitution and Bylaws.
  • The government of the Chamber, the direction of its affairs, and the control of its property is vested in the Board, which consists of a President, two Vice-Presidents and twelve directors. All members of the Board are members, or representatives of members, of the Chamber in good standing.
  • In addition to the elected members of the Board, the immediate past President holds a seat on the Board and has full voting privileges.
  • The Secretary-Treasurer is appointed at the Annual Election for a one year term. The Secretary-Treasurer does not have full voting privileges if appointed from outside the board.
  • The President and Vice Presidents are elected by secret ballot at the December general membership meeting for a one year term.
  • The office of President can be held by an individual for a maximum of two consecutive terms.
Organization Chart